Find my size

When making your order, it is important that you know and specify your size to allow me to make the best fitting outfit for you.  Three (3) options for finding out your size:

Option 1: Measure yourself and know your size

For Ladies

 UK Size 4 (S)UK Size 6 (S)UK Size 8 (M)UK Size 10 (M)UK Size 12 (L)UK Size 14 (L)

For Men of athletic figure


Option 2: Use the 1Measure Application

Accessible on Google Play Store (

1Measure means one click measure, is a smart phone app that allows users to collect accurate body measurements by simply taking two full body photographs, including one front-view and one side-view. With very simple step of ‘clicks’ for photo taking and silhouette confirmation, the measurement results will be displayed interactively on a 3D digital model of the user within seconds. User can choose to save the results for record. In addition, user will be suggested with sizes across multiple countries, based on different national sizing standards. Added functions of the app include body shape analysis and measurement comparison, in which users can review the past measurement records in line charts. Users can use this app for fitness purpose, to keep track of their body measurement changes. Moreover, a function of ‘Guest Record’ is provided that users can help their family members or loved ones to take body measurements, making online shopping of clothes easy and fun!

Send your measurements when done!

Option 3: Make an appointment with me for measurements

Finally, you can make an appointment with me to take your measurements. 

Make an Appointment