Interactive Sessions

This section allows you and I both, us all to have an interactive Chat about the Briy Designs experience. 

Aside from leaving your comments on the blog, your feedback, concerns, words of appreciation are welcome here. You do not have to leave your contact details to comment.

4 thoughts on “Interactive Sessions”

  1. Hello Briy,
    This platform looks good! When are you having your next Garage Sale? Let us know in advance and notify us on Facebook. I missed out on the last one this February!

    1. hi, we are planning on the next to be on the 10th of June tentatively. we will surely keep you guys posted and the advertisements rolling out as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Neville, thank you 🙂
      Our next garage sale is on the 8th of Feb at the Bomblast Museum. Details are on this site. Hope to see you there!

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